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Coming Home; A Surveyor’s Journey with Reyburn & Bryant

Chris Page recording the work of the New Zealand Engineering Tunnelling Company on the WWI tunnels in Arras. Photo By: Ian Alderman


Reyburn & Bryant find themselves in the fortunate position of having three talented Graduate Surveyors working their way through to become Licensed Cadastral Surveyors.


Chris Page completed his Masters degree while underground in the northern French city of Arras. He spent three months laser scanning a network of underground tunnels built by the New Zealand Tunnelling Company. He was there to preserve images of this underground city, built to protect allied soldiers during WW1. Chris says this work gave him a special connection to these innovative New Zealand Engineers. A connection that has carried through to his return to working for Reyburn & Bryant (R&B) in their head office in Whangarei.


Chris originally worked as a survey technician for R&B. He left in 2009 to pursue a cricketing career, following the damaging impact of the global financial crisis on survey work. With his interest in surveying piqued by his R&B experience, he soon decided to progress his career through study at Otago University. He went on to work in the Australian outback as an engineering surveyor, working on a small section of a major new highway. Long shifts and a solitary lifestyle gave him the push to return to New Zealand. Despite knowing that opportunities for qualified surveyors were plentiful throughout the country, Chris decided to return to R&B where he’d started his career.


Like Chris, Elliot Clarke also worked in the Australian outback. His work in remote communities where his company had the contract for land development in indigenous communities, meant flying into the heart of the red desert each week. Elliot too is an Otago graduate who began his career as a survey technician for R&B. A Whangarei local, Elliot left school without a firm career plan, other than wanting to do something that was a mix of indoors and out. He enjoyed working in a strong team and the opportunity for on-the-job training. Until the GFC hit. Elliot took the economic downturn as an opportunity to gain his surveying qualifications in Otago. He headed to Australia following his graduation.


When Elliot was ready to return home it was the familiarity of old contacts that brought him back to R&B. Elliot was excited about the range and depth of work that R&B were involved with in Northland and their strong reputation. Elliot says he’s seen changes in the industry with the use of advanced technology and a stronger engineering focus. He’s embraced new challenges and is thriving in the role at R&B.


Elliot Clarke, Logan Millar & Chris Page at the Rock Solid subdivision in Kamo.


Logan Millar has had a similar career trajectory. Another Whangarei local, Logan first came to R&B for three days of work experience. After finishing school he moved to Dunedin to study surveying. Work was hard to find for the graduating class of 2010 so Logan headed offshore to the mines in the Hunter Valley. He moved on to work for a survey firm in central Queensland where he was involved in a variety of construction projects and cadastral work. Two further years spent working in Brisbane highlighted the differences between the construction industries in Australia and New Zealand. He wanted to work in an environment where there was work life balance, and where there was more time on the job for collaboration with his peers.


Personal circumstances brought Logan back in Whangarei where he was offered a number of survey roles. He chose R&B because of the range and depth of experience in the team and the opportunity to learn from others. He also appreciated R&B’s reputation as survey specialists. He’s enjoyed working with clients from the subdivision stage, working on cadastral work to advance his goal toward getting his licence. Logan has relished the opportunities that R&B have given him to work on design projects and looks forward to the completion of the Rock Solid subdivision in Tikipunga, Like Elliot and Chris, Logan enjoys the Northland lifestyle and the ability to indulge in his passion for water based hobbies.


Elliot, Chris and Logan are progressing their applications for Cadastral Survey Licenses and are expected to present to the board in 2021. They share a common draw to the strong team at Reyburn and Bryant and the lifestyle that living in Whangarei offers. They see R&B as an important industry player and one that offers flexibility and autonomy in their work. But most of all it is the culture created at the senior level and the comradery between staff that has brought them home to Whangarei.


Whangarei living offers a work life balance at nature’s doorstep.

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