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Rural Subdivision Opportunities within the Kaipara District
Ruby Mackay
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Rural Subdivision Opportunities within the Kaipara District

Reyburn & Bryant are a proud Northland based Planning and Surveying company that has been successfully operating in the Kaipara area since 1965.  The company undertakes subdivision and land development in the District and is able to provide all the advice and professional services to land owners needed for a successful project. 


The subdivision opportunities within the Rural areas of Kaipara are numerous and are highlighted in the following breakdown.


If you have clients with rural property within the Kaipara District area who may wish to consider their options for potential development, Reyburn and Bryant are happy to provide any advice needed. 


  • The boundaries between adjacent lots can be adjusted so that site areas change by no more than 15%. 



  • 20ha minimum lot size Inside Overlay Area

  • 12ha minimum lot size Outside Overlay Area 



  • Existing sites must be at least 4.4ha.

  • Minimum lot size of 4,000m² and must contain a recorded historic site or feature, an area of significance to Maori, a heritage feature or notable tree.



  • Existing site must be at least 1.3ha

  • Minimum lot size 4,000m²

  • An Environmental Benefit is the permanent protection of a qualifying ecological area, public access, landscape area or riparian margin.

  • Up to 3 lots can be created


  • Existing Site must have existed on the 21 October 2009.

  • Minimum / maximum new Lot size 4,000m² - 8,000m².

  • Minimum balance lot size outside of an overlay area 4ha or 20ha inside an overlay st area

  • Up to two rural amenity lots can be created

  • Useful to separate surplus farm dwellings from balance of farm areas. 



  • Existing site must have existed on the 21 October 2009.

  • Existing site must be no larger than 5ha

  • One new lot can be created per 1ha of the existing site area for up to 3 additional lots

  • Minimum lot size 4,000m² 


  • Existing site must have existed on the 21st October 2009.

  • Up to one lot per 4ha outside of an overlay area or one lot per 6 or 12ha inside an st overlay area (dependant on the overlay area).

  • Minimum lot size 4,000m²

  • Application must provide environmental benefits and be supported by an Integrated Development Plan  


Reyburn & Bryant encompasses a young and enthusiastic team specialising in surveying, planning, civil engineering, resource consenting and project management. Our team covers all land development ranging from two lots to 200 and in addition to the Kaipara area provide services to projects from Warkworth through to Kaitaia. 


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