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Whangarei District City Civic Centre
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Whangarei District City Civic Centre

Project - Whangarei’s Civic Centre Project involves the construction of a new building with a height of 21m and a gross floor area of 7,774m². The building will be the central hub for all day-to-day Whangarei District Council operations, including:

  • Democratic processes;
  • Customer services;
  • Administrative functions;
  • Council staff;
  • Northland Transport Alliance staff.

The building will house all 350 council staff, who are currently scattered through several buildings around the city, plus a council chamber which can be used for a public gallery and civil defence response. The building has been designed to accommodate a maximum of 470 staff. 

The proposed building was designed by Team Avery Architects. The design focus was on providing a welcoming, inclusive and easily accessible customer experience, in a building that strongly reflects the cultural identity and heritage of Whangārei. The vision was also to create a fit-for-purpose building with sustainable design and construction, delivering a more efficient service for the District.

Our Work: Reyburn and Bryant planners prepared and obtained land use consent for the building and its associated uses. Both the proposed building and its uses created a wide range of infringements for which consent was necessary. Consent was granted on a non-notified basis. 

Images provided from Avery Associates Team Architects