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District Plan Changes
Reyburn Bryant
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District Plan Changes

On 17/1/18 The WDC issued a Notice of Decision on Plan Changes 85 A-D, 86 A and B, 87, 102 and 114.

These plan changes introduce new rules for the rural areas of the Whangarei District, a new rural-residential zone in areas that are already categorised by lifestyle type development, and also new residential zones for coastal towns and around the fringe of Whangarei City. They also include specific rules for the coastal environment and outstanding landscape areas. For more information see:


Click here to view Proposed Plan Changes


The WDC’s decision is subject to appeal to the Environment Court by 2/3/18 by eligible parties. The process from there will involve the WDC reviewing what appeals they have received (if any) in order to determine what parts of the new District Plan they can declare operative. Once operative, the new zones and related provisions will replace the respective previous parts of the District Plan.


It is not expected that the relevant parts of the District Plan will be operative before mid-April 2018. If there are appeals, the operative date will be pushed out even further. At this point, people owning land that is proposed to be re-zoned to residential or rural-residential can consider developing the land in accordance with the new provisions.

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