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District Plan Changes

On 17/1/18 The WDC issued a Notice of Decision on Plan Changes 85 A-D, 86 A and B, 87, 102 and 114.

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These plan changes introduce new rules for the rural areas of the Whangarei District, a new rural-residential zone in areas that are already categorised by lifestyle type development, and also new residential zones for coastal towns and around the fringe of Whangarei City.

Update on the Hundertwasser Art Centre (HAC) and Wairau Maori Art Gallery Construction.

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It’s a green-light for this significant project for Whangarei with the estimated build costs of $16.25m for the HAC and Wairau Maori Art Gallery raised by 30 June 2017. This was raised via public and private donations, a NZ lottery grant and funding from central government.