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Glenbervie Park - Sands Road - Whangarei
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Glenbervie Park - Sands Road - Whangarei

Project: Glenbervie Park is a 103-lot subdivision that is to be completed over 6 stages. Stages 1 - 2 have been completed and plans are in place to complete the future stages. The development incorporates a large reserve area and provides pedestrian connections to the existing Whangarei Falls walking tracks.


Our Work: Reyburn and Bryant were involved with this development right from the onset working closely with a design team to come up with a master plan for the site that achieved the clients expectations. Once the design was finalised, Reyburn and Bryant then led the planning team to apply for and obtain all required resource consents for the development. Following the granting of the consents, Reyburnn and Bryant prepared all civil design plans and have also worked closely with the developer and client in their role as Engineer to the Contract and Certifying Engineer. Reyburn and Bryant have also completed all Land Transfer Surveying and prepared as-built plans. We are looking forward to working with the development team and completing the remaining stages.